Parenting Episodes

Nov. 10, 2020

Maintaining a Thriving Marriage While Growing a Business and Raising a Family with Theresa and Owen Video

#010 - The demanding work of growing your own business and raising children can often leave marriage priorities in the back seat. Yet, having a strong mutual relationship with your spouse is vital to both family and business…
Oct. 20, 2020

Getting Better Sleep For The Whole Family with Holistic and Gentle Sleep Consultant Andrea Strang

#007 - In this episode we learn how to get better sleep as parents, as well as, kids of any age. Andrea Strang is a mother of 3 and the founder of KinderSleep. She is a Holistic and Gentle Sleep Consultant, Adult Insomnia Co…
Sept. 29, 2020

The Challenges and Blessings of Parenting a Child with Special Needs with Lisa and Kevin Kolbe

Walk for a moment in the shoes of special guests Kevin and Lisa Kolbe as they help parents of children with special needs navigate the challenges and celebrate the successes that come with a life of selflessness. The entrepr…
Sept. 14, 2020

Overcoming Screen Addiction in Families with Addiction Therapist Joshua C. Andrus

“Technology Bad!” Well… no. Intentionality and quality time are the best ways to overcome screen addiction whether it’s a toddler on an iPad, a teen scrolling through social media, or a parent bingeing their favorite Netflix…
Sept. 12, 2020

How To Get Your Little Ones To Sleep Consistently with Eva Klein

#002 | How To Get Your Little Ones To Sleep Consistently with Eva Klein | 9.12.2020 Sleep deprivation and 3am wake-up cries are necessary pains of raising a little one, right? Wrong. Special Guest Eva Klein, certified infant…
Guest: Eva Klein
Sept. 11, 2020

Our Working Home Parent Story and What To Expect on this Podcast

#001 Our Working Home Parent Story and What to Expect on this Podcast | 9.11.2020 As if raising a toddler or newborn wasn’t adventure enough on its own, the addition of working from home has re-defined how parents can achiev…